A B O U T   U S 

Alix & Antoinette are two friends and food lovers who wanted to open their own restaurant, to share their love for good food and create a place and menu at their image.

At Baratines, you will be able to try lots of different sexy and tasty toasts, made with love and passion !

L E   S U P E R

Our restaurant is hosted by Le Super, a super trendy bar at le Sablon. They serve amazing cocktails, and lots of beers !

L E V A I N 

Vincent is a young baker and has always been a bread-lover and eager to offer delicious and healthy products in his bakery, that he prepares with high-quality, noble yet simple ingredients.

E N T R E   T E R R E   B Y   AR    &
L U C   R O U S S E A U   T E R R E    S U B T I L E 

These two craftpersons, Anne & Luc are passionate about handmade ceramics, clay and enamels. Together they have crafted Baratines' beautiful tableware with lots of love.